The Delta Health Alliance

Being there when it counts by Karen Matthews

Posted on: April 10, 2012

Having social workers available to students at Delta schools mean, among many benefits, having someone available to students who needs help.  Our social workers never know what to expect on any given day.  Several weeks ago, a student approached our social worker out of fear and concern.  She was pregnant and a victim of incest and was ready to drop out of school.  She had nowhere to turn; she had not seen her mother in years and was staying with her father in an abusive situation.  The social worker began to counsel with the student, helped resolve the living arrangements, got pre-natal care for the mother, and tutoring to help with school.  The social worker enrolled the student in our home mentoring program, which has given the student the confidence needed to stay in school and engage in the kind of personal care that will help both her and her baby.   We have found that so very often, students have no where to turn in crises like this and, as a result, tend to make very bad choices.  In this case, a good choice has been made.