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Nutrition Needs of Students in the School Setting

Pope, Miss. – Twelve-year-old Tyler Hawkins remembers the day last year when they took the deep fryers out of his school cafeteria. “It was kind of weird not having regular french fries. But now everybody’s kind of used to them being baked,” said Tyler, a seventh-grader at Pope Middle School. “I think by eating healthier,
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Enhancing the Workforce

Indianola, Miss. – Perry Jenkins understands that a well trained healthcare workforce in the Mississippi Delta trickles down to most every aspect of the region’s economy. “From the beginning, we knew that the healthcare industry plays a vital role in the success of the Delta as a whole. More informed, better skilled healthcare workers translate
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Electronic Health Records

Greenville, Miss. – There’s no black doctor’s bag anymore. Only a tablet-sized personal computer. No hard-to-read handwritten prescriptions. Just a mouse-click transmission to any pharmacy, anywhere in the country. No charts or bulky paper records. Simply a series of commands that keeps every aspect of a patient’s care in a virtual world. Welcome to a
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Early Learning

Indianola, Miss. – Kerry Watson likes to read with his eyes closed. He knows his favorite book by heart – the one about the giant and the kid who plays a ukulele. A large green pair of toy binoculars hangs around his neck as he recites, just in case something in the distance catches his
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Addressing the Nursing Shortage

Cleveland, Miss. – As a high school student, Emily Newman was told by her guidance counselor that she probably wasn’t smart enough to become a nurse. So she became a teacher instead, retiring in 2006 after a successful career in the Memphis city schools. But four decades after her desire to enter the field of
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