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The GREAT Programs Means a Bright Future for Indianola

INDIANOLA, Miss. – Tambriaunna Reeves wants to dispense a better future for her and her three children, so she turned to the Indianola Promise Community (IPC) and a program that is helping her to become a pharmacy technician. “It’s more work than I thought, but it’s a lot of fun,” said Tambriaunna, 24. “I hope
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The Youth Take Charge in Indianola

For Jermeshea Gatlin, life is a series of equations. And solving those equations, she said, will lead to success. “I’m good at math. I’m taking two math courses,” said the 18-year-old high school senior. “Math helps me figure out my problems and solve them in different ways in my everyday life.” Jermeshea is using those
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Knocking Out Diabetes in the Delta

For Marvin Davis, the phone call he received last February probably saved his life. “I was just fortunate she called when she did. If I hadn’t had her, I could be dead,” said the 55-year-old Leland resident. Davis was referring to Camilla Potts, a pre-diabetes care coordinator with the Delta Medicaid Pre-Diabetes Program, which serves
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Leland Medical Clinic Adds X-Ray Equipment

LELAND, Miss. – Imagine an elderly woman falling on her front steps and having to be driven to another city for x-rays to determine whether she broke her hip — and then having to wait another 24 hours to receive the results of those x-rays. Until now, that scenario has been reality in this Delta
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Passport to Prosperity

The story of Indianola, Mississippi, is a veritable tale of two cities. On its surface, Indianola is rich with history and seems like an opportune place to live. It’s the home of blues legends Albert and B. B. King and of the first black female Postmaster, Minnie Cox; it’s the seat of power for Sunflower
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A Week of IPC Activities in Indianola

INDIANOLA, Miss. — Through its community programs, summer camps and service projects, the Indianola Promise Community (IPC) has cemented its place as an organization that has made a profound impact on the people it serves. And for one week each year, IPC shares that success with Indianola and its residents. “This is an exciting time
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The Largest Summer Camp in Indianola

Every day, campers at Project RISE summer camp chanted a theme song that encapsulated their feelings about the popular between-school program. “Project RISE is the best!” they sang. “Our kids have the best grades! We’re always number one!” With more than 100 campers from all grades, Project RISE is the largest of the 10 summer
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Honing Academic Skills at an Indianola Summer Camp

  Mia James just can’t get summer camp out of her head. “I loved it and everything I learned,” said Mia, 10. “When I got to visit the college campuses, it just really opened my head to new ideas and made me want to visit more. It was really worth it.” Mia and her sister,
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A Summer Camp that Combines Reading with Sports and Arts

INDIANOLA, Miss. – At the end of the day, Star Hughes is one tired 8-year-old. “I knew there was a lot to do here and I like being outside because it keeps me healthy,” said Star. “When I go home, I’m ready to take a rest, but it’s good and good for me.” Star is
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Summer Camp at the Fire Academy

INDIANOLA, Miss. – Jamarvus Thornton remembers the day he donned the firefighter gear and gained a sense of going into a burning a house, blind and dependent upon others. “It was heavy,” Jamarvus said of the equipment. “We got to feel what a firefighter feels. And we learned teamwork and how to work together. If
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