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Summer Camps in Indianola

In many ways, the work of the Indianola Promise Community (IPC) is about breaking down barriers; removing the obstacles that prevent children in this Delta community from learning in a way that spells success. Many of the hurdles they face are overcome each summer at the IPC camps that continue to prove their value for
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New Computers Come to Hollandale & Arcola

In his more than 50 years as a resident and businessman in this small Delta farming community, Roy Schilling has seen his hometown decline in population, jobs and, in some cases, hope. Schilling is adamant about the only real solution to these challenges: education. “To turn things around, we must get our young people into
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Making Resources Available in Indianola

Angela Wade had little time to talk at the recent Indianola Promise Community (IPC) Resource Fair. Once she learned that one of the tables was staffed by healthcare professionals from the Leland Medical Clinic, she made a bee line. “I want to be an OB-GYN so I need to get over there and talk to
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Indianola Youth Expand Their Civics Lessons

Brayden Bailey, president of the Indianola Junior Youth Council Brayden Bailey enjoys building “stuff.” He’s good at math and he wants to be a mechanical engineer. Right now, he’s in eighth grade and he’s already president. “I really enjoy this,” said Brayden of his top leadership position on the newly created Indianola Junior Youth Council,
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Childcare Providers Get a Hand Up in Sunflower County

  Johnnie Mae Rodney understands that childcare cannot be a one-size-fits-all arrangement. “To put a group of children all in one room, infants and toddlers, just confuses everything,” said the 18-year certified childcare instructor at Indianola’s BeBe Kids Learning Center. “Each age group is learning something different, doing something different, and they need their own
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The GREAT Programs Means a Bright Future for Indianola

INDIANOLA, Miss. – Tambriaunna Reeves wants to dispense a better future for her and her three children, so she turned to the Indianola Promise Community (IPC) and a program that is helping her to become a pharmacy technician. “It’s more work than I thought, but it’s a lot of fun,” said Tambriaunna, 24. “I hope
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The Youth Take Charge in Indianola

For Jermeshea Gatlin, life is a series of equations. And solving those equations, she said, will lead to success. “I’m good at math. I’m taking two math courses,” said the 18-year-old high school senior. “Math helps me figure out my problems and solve them in different ways in my everyday life.” Jermeshea is using those
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Knocking Out Diabetes in the Delta

For Marvin Davis, the phone call he received last February probably saved his life. “I was just fortunate she called when she did. If I hadn’t had her, I could be dead,” said the 55-year-old Leland resident. Davis was referring to Camilla Potts, a pre-diabetes care coordinator with the Delta Medicaid Pre-Diabetes Program, which serves
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Leland Medical Clinic Adds X-Ray Equipment

LELAND, Miss. – Imagine an elderly woman falling on her front steps and having to be driven to another city for x-rays to determine whether she broke her hip — and then having to wait another 24 hours to receive the results of those x-rays. Until now, that scenario has been reality in this Delta
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Passport to Prosperity

The story of Indianola, Mississippi, is a veritable tale of two cities. On its surface, Indianola is rich with history and seems like an opportune place to live. It’s the home of blues legends Albert and B. B. King and of the first black female Postmaster, Minnie Cox; it’s the seat of power for Sunflower
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