The Delta Health Alliance

Child Development by Karen Matthews

Posted on: May 14, 2012

Continuing our focus on child development, this week I’d like to talk about children who are 13 to 24 months old. Between the first and second birthdays, children will begin to use more words. It is at this crucial time that language centers in the brain begin to develop and the neural paths connecting the brain and nervous system grow stronger.  Your child will be able to do harder tasks and to understand more complex ideas. For this age group, curiosity is king — will a cup bounce like a ball, for example. Another sign of your child developing thinking skills during this period is an interest in making tools … standing on a box to reach toys on a high shelf. What can you do to help? Make your home safe to explore. Help your child explore how things work by stacking cups, building with blocks and banging your pots and pans together!  Most of all talk to them and encourage them.


Karen Matthews