The Delta Health Alliance

Lose Weight

Through the Delta Health Alliance, the road to good health is paved with the tools needed to maintain a healthy weight in one of the most overweight regions of the country. Adults and children now have effective programs to lead a healthier lifestyle through proper weigh management.

DHA’s Body & Soul program is a partnership with with Mississippi Valley State University, the Agricultural Research Service and Delta churches that is improving eating habits to combat obesity and the resulting diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. It can be as simple as switching from white bread to whole wheat; from white rice to brown; from sugar-loaded sodas to 100 percent fruit juices. It’s about combining pillars of hope and help through Delta churches with sensible eating habits.

To break the cycle of obesity, DHA is starting early with school-aged children through a program called Meeting the Special Food and Nutrition Needs of Students in the School Setting. It is a collaborative effort with the University of Mississippi and participating Delta schools. Students learn about food, health eating and the correlation between poor nutrition and obesity. Vegetable gardens are being planted at Delta schools and new cafeteria menus being implemented — all in an effort to give students a head start on healthier living.