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Leland Medical Clinic and Leland School District form partnership for services

The Leland Medical Clinic (LMC) and Leland School District are partnering to bring medical and behavioral services to the district. The executed agreement allows Leland Medical the opportunity to expand its community outreach and provide services outside of the clinic and gives Leland School District additional resources for its students and their families for medical
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Leland Medical Clinic announces exciting new improvements

(Leland, MS) – A number of officials and health care providers helped break ground today on a $1.2 million renovation that Delta Health Alliance announced for its Leland Medical Clinic. The work is being funded with a grant from the US Department of Agriculture’s Rural Development Office. The renovation will expand the clinic, upgrade equipment and improve patient waiting areas and examination rooms.

Can a Harlem ‘cradle to career’ program succeed in rural Mississippi?

INDIANOLA, Miss. — Katrice Warren was away at college when she learned she was pregnant. She decided not to go it alone and returned to her family and this rural Delta town where half the school-aged children live in poverty and attend some of the worst schools in the nation.

At the time Warren didn’t know the first thing about parenting, but back at home she discovered a Parents as Teachers program that pairs expectant or new mothers with experienced ones. She learned more about prenatal health, child growth and development, how to eat healthy and talk to her baby in the womb.

“It seemed like something I needed being a first-time parent,” Warren said recently while watching her now 2-year-old daughter, Madelyn, draw. “I didn’t know what to do.”

The program is part of the Indianola Promise Community (IPC), a federally-funded, community-based effort. Nationwide, there are dozens of so-called Promise Neighborhoods, or zones, that aim to offer a continuum of “cradle to career” services to lift low-income children out of poverty and improve outcomes for families.


IPC Newsletter, January 2015

In this issue: The Sunflower County Consolidated School District, Family Spotlight, CATCH Kids Club, Teen Talk, Cassandra’s Rules


Happy and healthy

Staff from the Leland Medical Clinic recently met at Planters Bank to prepare for their upcoming health fair. Planters Bank and Trust, in partnership with the Leland Medical Clinic, will provide a health screening from noon to 4 p.m. April 15 at the Planters Bank Leland office. Services will include screening for diabetes and handing out information about obesity and disease prevention educational programs. Those in attendance also have access to a free consultation with a dietician. The services are supported in part through funding provided to Delta Health Alliance by the Merck Foundation and the United Healthcare Foundation. Pictured are Sarah Reese Fincher, from left, Sandra Jordan, Ann Williford, Ellen Durst and Lula Reece.