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IPC Newsletter July 2014

Entering “big” school can be one of the most exciting yet scariest times for upcoming kindergartners. And, for parents, it is a milestone event as their child transitions from pre-school to formal school and begins their educational foundation needed for future learning. Indianola School District, in partnership with Indianola Promise Community, is helping to make this transition easier with the Promise School’s “Roaring into Kindergarten” Program. Click to read more …


IPC Newsletter, Spring 2014

In this Issue: Imagination Library, Family Spotlight, Health & Fitness 101, Teen Talk, Community Partners, Upcoming Events

Anti-bullying rally to be held on February 20 at Carver Elementary

(Indianola, MS) – Like the spectrum of colors, the span between courage and cowardice holds many different kinds of people. Fredrick Gooden wants his peers to know that bullies hold the lowest position.

“You have to be a coward to bully someone. You have to have courage to stand up to it,” said Fredrick, president of the Indianola Youth Council. “There’s something really bad going on in a bully’s life to create the kind of anger it takes to do that to another person.”

IPC Summer Camp 2014 RFP

This announcement solicits summer program applications in 2014 for children and adolescents in Indianola, Mississippi. The purpose of the Summer Camps 2014 Funding Opportunity is specifically to establish innovative opportunities that support youth vocabulary and reading comprehension enhancement, over the summer months, while school is not in session. The goals of the program are to foster vocabulary development, gain an appreciation for literature, improve reading comprehension skills, reduce dropout rates, and minimize loss of knowledge over the summer. Children from families of lower socio-economic status are at greater risk for poor performance in language and literary skills and the summer months tend to widen this gap.