The Delta Health Alliance

Health Care

Care Transitions

The Delta Care Transitions program is a community-based project designed to improve health outcomes for at-risk, rural patients who transition from in-patient to out-patient settings. The goal is to reduce hospital readmissions, and thus cost, for patients with chronic illnesses who have a history of multiple hospitalizations. Developed in partnership with South Sunflower County Hospital
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Delta Heart Health Network

The Health Rural Services Agency (HRSA), Office of Rural Health has awarded Delta Health Alliance $944, 871 a year for three years in funding to specifically address cardiovascular disease and its impact along with obesity in 21 counties. The MS Delta Heart Health project, through enhancing electronic health records, will identify patients who are particularly
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Leland Medical Clinic

To visit the official Leland Medical Clinic website, please click here. Originally the Leland City Hospital, the facility has been a fixture for patient care since its opening in June 1957. Since 2013, Delta Health Alliance has owned and fully operated Leland Medical Clinic providing a medical home for Delta residents. The clinic is not
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Medicaid Health Project

Delta Health Alliance has partnered with the Mississippi Medicaid Division to create a pilot project that will transform rural clinics in the Delta into medical homes, similar to the patient centered medical home model at DHA’s clinic in Leland. When up and running, eligible patients will be able to access care locally though one of
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Teen Pregnancy Prevention

The Delta Futures project is a comprehensive, five-year program designed to assist nine public school districts and five local Rural Health Clinics across ten rural counties in replicating a variety of evidence-based Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programs in school and community settings. The goal of this initiative is to prevent teen pregnancy, lower STIs, and reduce
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