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Summer Camps in Indianola

Posted on: May 10, 2017

In many ways, the work of the Indianola Promise Community (IPC) is about breaking down barriers; removing the obstacles that prevent children in this Delta community from learning in a way that spells success. Many of the hurdles they face are overcome each summer at the IPC camps that continue to prove their value for hundreds of children.

IPC’s newest camp – the Rising Third Grade Summer Camp — focuses on one of the most critical points in a young student’s life: the transition from second to third grade and meeting proficiency standards in reading.

“This is just another line of defense as children prepare for the third-grade reading gate assessment,” said Anthony Powell, an IPC project manager who coordinates the summer camp programs. “We want to make sure that when they get to third grade, they’re as ready as they can be, and they’re accustomed to their new surroundings as they leave Lockard Elementary School and transition to Carver Elementary.”

According to the National Research Council, any child who’s not reading competently by the end of the third grade is unlikely to graduate from high school. Policy-makers also note that poor readers tend to have more behavioral and social problems.

“We found many children last summer who needed this support.” said Powell. “So we decided to add this camp to meet that challenge.”

The Rising Third Grade Summer Camp is an eight-week program that will assist 45 students for four days each week, and will include breakfast and lunch. In addition to the primary focus on reading, the camp includes physical fitness, sports, science and robotics. Sponsored and operated by IPC, the camp has 16 teachers comprised of Teach for America instructors, AmeriCorps*VISTA members and college interns.

“We’re going to reverse the trend of these students failing the third-grade reading assessment by giving them the instruction, tools and equipment they need to succeed,” said Powell.

The new camp is one of 12 that will serve more than 600 children ages 3-19 this summer. IPC continues to refine the camps to ensure that the quality of each one is maintained at top levels and that they will be financially sustainable in future years. Professional development is offered to camp managers in the areas of project management, implementation, resource development, data collection, and grant and proposal writing.

Beginning its eighth year, IPC’s camp program continues to grow because it provides children a safe haven during the summer months; helps curtail summer learning loss between academic school years; and serves as economic development drivers because they employee a significant number of Indianola residents.

The 11 other summer camps now available for registration are:

Fire Academy for Kids. Sponsored by the Indianola Fire Department. Children ages 7-12 will develop life safety skills in fire safety and first aid in a classroom setting and work closely with the Indianola Fire Department personnel. Contact Chief Eugene Snipes at 662-887-4955.

Vocabulary & Reading Comprehension Enhancement Camp. Sponsored by the Sunflower Ministerial Alliance. 10th and 11th graders will focus on preparing for college with the intent to complete a degree by placing emphasis on vocabulary and reading comprehension. Contact Rev. Phillip McGee at 662-887-1485.

Delta Hope Care Enrichment Summer Camp. Sponsored by the Delta Hope Care Foundation/Christian Fellowship Church. Targeting children from Pre-K through 12th grade, the camp will provide instruction to enhance vocabulary and reading comprehension skills. Contact Brenda Lynn at 662-299-9616.

Summer Youth Entrepreneurship Program. Sponsored by Delta State University College of Business. Targeting male students ages 15-19, the camp will provide instruction in business vocabulary and practical work experience to enhance entrepreneurial skills and develop work ethics. Contact Dr. Glendscene Williams at 662-846-4192 or Peirce McIntosh at 662-577-1200.


Freedom Summer 2017. Sponsored by the Sunflower County Freedom Project.

Targeting 7th – 9th graders, this camp will provide core academic instruction plus art enrichment and fitness training. Students will take a weeklong visit to Ole Miss and tour historic Civil Rights sites. Contact Kate Gluckman at 662-569-2441.

Summer School Development Initiative. Sponsored by the Rasberry United Methodist Men’s Club. Three age ranges are targeted for this camp: 8-11, 12-14 and 15-18, with an emphasis on language, literature and reading. Activities will include creative speech, dramatic arts, music, poetry and plays. Contact Eddie Liddell at 662-392-6778.

Project RISE (Reading Improvements for Success in Education. Sponsored by On Track Community Development Corporation. Students from all grades will enhance and reinforce their literacy, vocabulary and writing skills through creative and fun programs such as poetry, drama/theater production, spelling bees and arts enrichment. Contact Carol Jackson at 662-452-5149 or 662-452-5071.

Small World. Sponsored by Save the Children in partnership with IPC. Provides services to 90 Indianola pre-school children ages 3 years old through early childhood interventions that will advance them in Head Start. Contact Liz Freeman at 662-207-0129.

Promise School. Sponsored by IPC and Sunflower County Consolidated School District. A kindergarten readiness program for 120 students entered Lockard Elementary School. Contact Valerie Simpson at 662-207-1174.

Art of Living Smart Summer Camp. Sponsored by the BB King Museum. For children ages 8-17 to learn to live healthier lives through proper nutrition and fitness. Also includes reading and music. Contact Verna Ransom at 662-887-9539, ext. 224.


Children In The Zone-Learning Through The Arts summer reading. Sponsored by the City of Indianola. Children in grades 2-5 will focus on reading comprehension and writing. This camp will also include arts and crafts, drama, dance, word challenge, baseball and softball for participants. Contact Carolyn O’Neal at 662-207-2680.


For more information about this and other IPC-sponsored programs, contact our headquarters at 662-686-3930.IPC_SummerCamps_ad_Mar1