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Honing Academic Skills at an Indianola Summer Camp

  Mia James just can’t get summer camp out of her head. “I loved it and everything I learned,” said Mia, 10. “When I got to visit the college campuses, it just really opened my head to new ideas and made me want to visit more. It was really worth it.” Mia and her sister,
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A Summer Camp that Combines Reading with Sports and Arts

INDIANOLA, Miss. – At the end of the day, Star Hughes is one tired 8-year-old. “I knew there was a lot to do here and I like being outside because it keeps me healthy,” said Star. “When I go home, I’m ready to take a rest, but it’s good and good for me.” Star is
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Summer Camp at the Fire Academy

INDIANOLA, Miss. – Jamarvus Thornton remembers the day he donned the firefighter gear and gained a sense of going into a burning a house, blind and dependent upon others. “It was heavy,” Jamarvus said of the equipment. “We got to feel what a firefighter feels. And we learned teamwork and how to work together. If
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Healthy Living & Summer Camps in Indianola

INDIANOLA, Miss. – For Jimarius Harris, a rising 8th grader, summer camp is best described in a smile-wrapped string of adjectives. “This camp is cool, extraordinary, fun, exceptional and splendid,” said Jimarius. “The teachers? Well, they are just excellent and they make sure we’re all having a great time.” Jimarius’ rapid fire description is directed
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A Summer Camp in Indianola Sparks Imaginations

INDIANOLA, Miss. – Give 62 kids some cups, string, straws, rubber bands and balloons and the possibilities are as endless as their imaginations. They might build the armor needed to keep an egg from cracking or construct a launcher that shoots confetti into the sky. It’s all part of Project RISE Too, one of the
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A Community Health Fair

LELAND, Miss. – Good health is not so much a matter of motivation as it is adequate resources and community leadership, said Shelby Polk, associate professor of nursing and director of nurse practitioner programs at Delta State University (DSU). “And in that regard, Leland can become one of those communities known for building a healthy
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Now accepting applications for the Sunflower Childcare Coalition

Now accepting applications for the 2016/17 school term. Home-Based Childcare. Center-Based Childcare. Early Head Start. Head Start. Spots are limited! Children with disabilities, families receiving TANF, children in foster/protective/preventive care, homeless families, deployed National Guard and teen parents in high school are encouraged to sign up. We’ve got great facilities in Indianola, Ruleville, Drew, Sunflower and Moorhead.

Leland Medical Clinic Opens Newly Renovated Facilities

LELAND, Miss. – With healthcare resources in rural areas of the state meager at best, Dianne Burchfield worried for a time whether residents in her community would have access to even the most basic services. “I’ve been here all my life, going to doctors in Leland, and I hoped I’d be able to keep doing
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Student Success Stories in Indianola

  INDIANOLA, Miss. – A cardiologist, an anesthesiologist and a neo-natal nurse practitioner. Future leaders in the field of medicine and current leaders in high school, thanks in part to the Indianola Promise Community (IPC). Reneesha Johnson, Zhaquavez Petty and Kiara Wilson will graduate in May with honors from Indianola’s Gentry High School, bound for
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First Ever Delta Youth Council Convention a Success

ITTA BENA, Miss. – Kayla Stewart pondered the question before answering. What, she was asked, is the best part of living in the Mississippi Delta? “I love the vibes. There are great, positive vibes here,” said Stewart, a 15-year-old freshman from Cleveland High School. “People don’t understand that growing up in the Delta is not
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