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Health Information Technology

Ensuring Healthy Babies in the Delta

Sophia Young wants to be more than a number. And when it comes to pregnancy, she knows that some numbers can be life altering. In March 2018, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed that 10 percent of pregnant women who gave birth in Mississippi in 2016 smoked cigarettes during pregnancy, which was about
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Knocking Out Diabetes in the Delta

For Marvin Davis, the phone call he received last February probably saved his life. “I was just fortunate she called when she did. If I hadn’t had her, I could be dead,” said the 55-year-old Leland resident. Davis was referring to Camilla Potts, a pre-diabetes care coordinator with the Delta Medicaid Pre-Diabetes Program, which serves
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“Care Guides” Program for Diabetic Patients by Dr. Dale

Diabetic patients seen in the Leland Medical Clinic will be assessed with a program called “care guides.” This program is like scheduled maintenance in that your doctor or nurse practitioner will be alerted periodically when it is time for you to have certain lab tests, eye exams, diabetic foot exams, urine tests, and diet counseling,
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Using Technology to Treat Asthma by Karen Matthews

While asthma is a common chronic condition, the problem for individuals who live in rural areas is the lack of physicians who specialize in treating the disease.  Delta Health Alliance sought to overcome this challenge by linking our local clinics with asthma specialists via secure internet connections.  The system is called telemedicine and involves having
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Beacon Communities Improve Diabetes Care

Right now, one in ten U.S. adults has diabetes. If trends keep heading the way CDC expects, that figure will be one in three adults by 2050.

Health IT will be extremely beneficial for modernizing health care communications between doctors, nurses, and patients, and will disproportionately benefit patients with diabetes.

Diabetics see primary care physicians for overall management of the disease. They see ophthalmologists for necessary eye exams and podiatrists for necessary foot exams – both to avoid costly and invasive complications that can arise without careful management of the disease. Patients with diabetes also frequent pharmacies, see other specialists, and occasionally end up in the hospital


Ruleville, Miss. – The seemingly insignificant act of reading the label on a soda can and then focusing to read the numbers on the can’s bar code only becomes important when put into the context of saving lives. So when medical staff at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, Miss., trained the lens
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Electronic Health Records

Greenville, Miss. – There’s no black doctor’s bag anymore. Only a tablet-sized personal computer. No hard-to-read handwritten prescriptions. Just a mouse-click transmission to any pharmacy, anywhere in the country. No charts or bulky paper records. Simply a series of commands that keeps every aspect of a patient’s care in a virtual world. Welcome to a
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