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Gardening in Indianola

  The fruits of hard work take know-how to grow. The roots of that fruit, however, lie deep within a community. Ryan Betz and Marilyn James represent the best of both of those necessary ingredients. Betz is a gardener and project coordinator for the Delta Health Alliance, who just completed a three-week professional certification program
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Delta Health Alliance Receives $900,000 Grant to Provide Mental Health Services in the Delta

Delta Health Alliance has received a three-year, $900,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, Health Resources & Services Administration, to significantly expand the mental health and behavioral health services it provides to patients in Sunflower and Washington Counties. According to Dr. Karen Matthews, Delta Health Alliance CEO, “Untreated mental health problems
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Girl Scouts Comes Alive in Indianola

Hiking, gardening, community service… and cookies. Don’t forget the cookies. “Those things make me want to be a girl scout,” said Tiana Minton, a 10-year-old Carver Elementary School student. “I really like it that the Girl Scouts do things to help our community. The things I learn, I can use the rest of my life.”
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A Place for Parents in Leland

  In her more than 70 years as a Leland resident, Mary Boteler has witnessed the ebbs and flows of her small Delta community. In that time, she has concluded that success is a partnership that begins and ends with families. “The only way we can make a difference is to start in the homes,”
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Fatherhood, Basketball, and Men’s Health in the Delta

“Fathers are such an important piece of the fabric that makes up a healthy family system.” That’s Tracy Mims, and he’s recruiting men to join a special fatherhood initiative of Delta Health Alliance. Last month, he held a men’s health fair on the campus of Mississippi Valley State University, which included screenings for blood pressure,
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Tobacco Prevention in the Delta

Indiya Cooks plans to enter the healthcare field, perhaps as a nurse, once she graduates from high school in this small Delta town. To accomplish her goals, Indiya needs all of her brain cells. “And I know that smoking kills brain cells,” said Indiya, a 17-year-old rising senior at John F. Kennedy Memorial High School.
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The Barber of Indianola

  At 21 years old, TarFredrick Fant is a quiet, humble young man. But that doesn’t mean he’s not confident in his ability to cut and style hair. “I feel like I’m the best barber in the world,” TarFredrick said with pride, not immodesty. “I want the chance to show people that.” Through the Indianola
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Summer Camps in Indianola

In many ways, the work of the Indianola Promise Community (IPC) is about breaking down barriers; removing the obstacles that prevent children in this Delta community from learning in a way that spells success. Many of the hurdles they face are overcome each summer at the IPC camps that continue to prove their value for
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New Computers Come to Hollandale & Arcola

In his more than 50 years as a resident and businessman in this small Delta farming community, Roy Schilling has seen his hometown decline in population, jobs and, in some cases, hope. Schilling is adamant about the only real solution to these challenges: education. “To turn things around, we must get our young people into
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Making Resources Available in Indianola

Angela Wade had little time to talk at the recent Indianola Promise Community (IPC) Resource Fair. Once she learned that one of the tables was staffed by healthcare professionals from the Leland Medical Clinic, she made a bee line. “I want to be an OB-GYN so I need to get over there and talk to
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