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Deer Creek 2018 Summer Camps

Posted on: June 4, 2018

Summer camps are now being offered to students of the Leland and Hollandale school districts by the Deer Creek Promise Community. As Caleb Herod, who oversees the summer camps, said, “We don’t want this to just be an extension of the school year. We want them to experience the things they may not get in school.”

Hollandale and Leland students still have time to sign up for one of six camps being offered. In total, the six-week camps will serve more than 500 children, steering them towards instruction in workforce development, art, health, gardening, literacy and kindergarten readiness.

“The camps don’t just help students maintain the knowledge they’ve gained from school, but they give them a head start for the upcoming school year,” said Herod. “Our goal is to have more students finish the programs this year.”

The six camps are:

  • Youth Workforce Development Program. Operated by the Hollandale Economic and Community Development Foundation, the camp will serve 20 8th-10th graders from Hollandale and teach campers business vocabulary, knowledge, and work experience to enhance their work ethic to be successful in today’s workforce. Contact: Veronica Jenkins at 662-931-7694.
  • Art of Living Smart. Operated by the BB King Museum, the camp will serve 50 campers ages 8-17 from Leland and will teach them how to live healthier lives through diet and exercise. Campers are exposed to reading, music, and other fun activities. Contact: Verna Ransom at 662-887-9539, ext. 224.
  • Leland Summer Literacy Camp. Operated by DHA and the Leland School District, the camp will serve 100 rising 1st-5th graders from Leland and prepare them to be life-long readers while learning about science, gardening, and the society around them. Contact: Leland Elementary School.
  • Promise School. Operated by the Leland and Hollandale school districts, the camp will serve 45 rising kindergarten students from Leland and 45 rising kindergarten students from Hollandale in a kindergarten readiness program for those entering Sanders or Leland elementary schools. Contact: Sanders or Leland elementary schools.
  • Small World. Operated by the Leland and Hollandale school districts, the camp will serve 45 students in Hollandale and 45 from Leland to provide services to pre-school children to advance them in their pre-K learning environment. Contact: Leland and Hollandale school districts.
  • Hollandale School District Summer Camp. Operated by the Hollandale School District, the camp will serve 150 rising 1st -12th graders to support academic, social, and extracurricular enrichment. Enrichment activities include T-ball, cheer, newspaper, drama and dance. Contact: Hollandale School District.

“We’re excited about the summer and all that we have to offer these kids to be successful as they grow and work their way toward graduation from high school and beyond,” said Herod.