The Delta Health Alliance


1) What is Delta Health Alliance?

Delta Health Alliance is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization that is changing health care and education in the Mississippi Delta by improving access to health services, promoting healthier lifestyles, and expanding educational opportunities. Delta Health Alliance has been a leader in supporting and operating community-based clinics that serve as a medical home for patients; implementing new technologies such as electronic health records, health information exchange networks, and tele-health diagnosis and treatment centers; managing innovative education programs in community settings; and creating robust home visitation programs that address neo-natal and early childhood education challenges.

2) Where does Delta Health Alliance get its funding?

We apply for grants from a variety of state, federal and private foundations and agencies. Currently, our funding partners include the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, U.S. Department of Education, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Mississippi Department of Health, Mississippi Division of Medicaid, Mississippi Department of Human Services, United Healthcare Foundation, Monsanto Corporation, Save the Children, and Delta Regional Authority.

3) Where is Delta Health Alliance located?

Our headquarters in Stoneville, Mississippi though our programs reach all of the counties in the Delta.

4) What does Delta Health Alliance seek to accomplish with its programs?

Two themes tie together these grants and our work. First, improving health care has to be done on multiple fronts – educating children and adults, expanding access to quality care, and reaching families in clinic settings as well as in their homes and communities. Second, improving health care over the long term means building the capacity for communities and families to take responsibility for healthy lifestyles long after the funding from these grants have been spent.

5) Is Delta Health Alliance a granting agency?

No. We work with our local partners to 1) identify critical needs of our communities, 2) write proposals and identify funding opportunities, 3) work together to implement those initiatives, then 4) evaluate the results. If a project’s results are positive and sustainable, we will endeavor to help develop business plans to sustain those efforts and even replicate them into other communities with similar needs.

6) Who are some of Delta Health Alliance’s existing partners?

  • AmeriCorps*VISTA
  • Annie E. Casey Foundation
  • B.B. King Museum
  • Charles W. Capps Technology Center
  • Children’s Defense Fund
  • City of Indianola
  • Delta Council
  • Delta State University
  • Delta Housing Authority
  • Dollywood Foundation
  • Excel By 5
  • Guaranty Bank & Trust
  • Indianola Family Medical Group
  • Mayor’s Health Council
  • Mississippi Center for Education Innovation
  • Mississippi Center for Justice
  • Mississippi Community Financial Access Coalition
  • Mississippi State Department of Health
  • Mississippi Low Income Childcare Initiative
  • On Track Community Development Corporation
  • P-16 Council
  • Promise Neighborhoods Institute at PolicyLink
  • Save the Children
  • Sunflower County Childcare Association
  • Sunflower County Consolidated School District
  • Sunflower County Freedom Project
  • Sunflower County Ministerial Alliance
  • Sunflower County United for Children
  • Sunflower-Humphreys County Progress, Inc.
  • Sunflower County Public Library
  • Teach for America

7) Our agency has resources that might be of use to DHA and its partners. How do I coordinate with DHA to improve the utilization of our goods and services?

The success of DHA stems from largely from our ability to coordinate limited resources to their best use. If your group has skills, services, goods or talent that you believe might complement one of our initiatives, we encourage you to contact Jobyna France via our Contact Us section to the right about collaboration.

8) Are there opportunities to participate with the DHA even if our community is not in your service area?

The service area for DHA was developed when we were formed by our Board of Directors, to focus efforts on the 18-county area of the state commonly known as the Mississippi Delta. While we typically do not partner with projects outside our service area, we are expanding our health information technology and electronic health records initiatives to other areas of the state.