Delta Medicaid Prediabetes Program

Delta Pre Diabetes Program

The Delta Medicaid Prediabetes Program is a component of DHA’s Mississippi Medicaid Population Health Demonstration Project that aims to reduce the number of prediabetes incidences leading to type II diabetes. Mississippi has one of the highest rates of adult diabetes in the nation, and, in the Delta, diabetes is often more prevalent. DHA’s prediabetes program offers a support system, educational classes, and resources that promote healthy diets, physical activity, and strong partnerships between patient and doctor for participants with prediabetes or at risk of developing the disease. Each participant is paired with a population health care coordinator to guide them through the program at no cost. After patients are identified through clinical partner sites as having prediabetes or at-risk of developing prediabetes, they are recruited and enrolled in a 12-month healthy lifestyle intervention program that includes: home visitation, monthly educational phone calls, grocery store tours, healthy lifestyle classes, exercises classes, and healthy chats.

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