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Healthy Pregnancy Program

If you are pregnant and receiving Medicaid benefits, you can earn UP TO $200 for participating in the Healthy Pregnancy Program! *

*Depending on the trimester you enroll

The program is free. Participants meet monthly to receive pregnancy information and support. Participants earn incentives by keeping prenatal care appointments, receiving prenatal screenings and tests, and meeting regularly with their pregnancy coach.

Pregnancy coaches are connecting with participants by telephone, facetime, zoom, skype, and other virtual platforms during the COVID-19 pandemic.


CALL 662.686.3908
E-MAIL deltahomevisiting@deltahealthalliance.org

Benefits of the Program:

  • Each participant is assigned to their own Health Pregnancy Coach, which allows for individualized care and attention
  • Screenings provided will give participants regular information about their health and their baby’s health and developmental growth
  • Eligibility to receive “Healthy Rewards” for completing specified healthy behaviors
  • Free educational materials
  • Increases participation which may lead to stronger communities, thriving families and infants who are healthy and safe.
  • The ability to form cohesive relationships with other expectant moms on a regular basis

Program Description:

The Healthy Pregnancy Program is component of DHA’s Mississippi Medicaid Population Health Demonstration Project that aims to reduce and prevent preterm births. Healthy Pregnancy Coaches (HPC) work with program participants to ensure positive health outcomes for mothers and their babies by providing education, coordinating services with provider clinics, and identifying support services. HPCs also conduct monthly home visits and quarterly group meetings with participants and continue working with mothers for six months post-partum to improve birth outcomes and spacing.

How to Enroll:

All pregnant Medicaid beneficiaries are eligible for this program. Healthy Pregnancy coaches will identify potential participants and walk them through the enrollment process with all necessary documentation and initial assessments. Past participants, and anyone who knows someone who may be interested, can also refer potential participants to the program.

Interested in applying? Scan the QR code below!

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