The Delta Health Alliance


IPC Youth Council Application

Who can join Indianola’s Youth Council? Students, 8th – 12th grade, who reside in Indianola or attend Indianola Public and Private Schools. Indianola’s Youth Council is made up of at least 15 students, with a group of 5-6 adult advisors.

2015 IPC Summer Camp Schedule

Sign up for Indianola Promise Community’s sixth year for camps serving youths from pres-school to college. We provide a safe haven for summer months, curtail learning loss between academic school years and learning through creative methods.

IPC Newsletter Spring 2015

New words and old music. Cool shades and creative arts. College prep and self-respect. All are integral components to another great season of summer camps hosted by the Indianola Promise Community. Parents and their children are encouraged to get ready now for a summer of between-school and pre-school learning experiences. Beginning its sixth year, IPC continues to refine these camps to ensure the quality of each one…

Beacon Project Report Fall 2014

The focus of the Delta BLUES Beacon pro ject was to improve outcomes for diabetic patients by making use of innovative technologies and clinical interventions to improve the management of this debilitating chronic disease. This Delta Health Alliance project brought physicians, nurses, hospitals, clinics, pharmacists, community health programs, and patients together to craft new ways of improving the quality of health care and the efficiency of health care delivery. The project also redirected existing resources out of administration and record keeping and into patient care.

IPC At Work

What follows in this booklet are descriptions of some of the 28 programs we are using to build and develop the Indianola Promise Community (IPC). These narrative summaries are told from the perspective of the individuals who are participating in these programs and helping us learn from their experiences.