The Delta Health Alliance


DHA 2010 Field Report

Welcome to this Report from the Field, a periodic publication we use to highlight some of the 49 programs we sponsor, along with their partners and constituents.

DHA 2010 Field Report

DHA 2010 Brochure

The Delta Health Alliance is a tax-exempt, nonprofit organization, headquartered in Stoneville, Mississippi, that aims to improve the health of the 400,000 men, women, and children who call the Mississippi Delta their home.

DHA Annual Report 2010

Our achievements in 2010 were many, though the highlight occurred when we became the only organization in the country to receive two highly-coveted national grants, the Beacon technology grant and the Promise Community planning grant Together totaling $15 million, these two awards will open vital new opportunities for realizing a healthier, more vibrant Mississippi Delta The Beacon grant will help establish the electronic health record as a strategic tool to fi ght diabetes and to promote better health care; the Promise grant will offer greater potential for a Delta-wide Promise Community in the near future.

DHA Annual Report 2009

Annual reports tend to focus on financial statistics, bottom lines, and corporate measures of success. While these are important indicators of our progress, we wanted this report to have a different focus. Here, we emphasize the faces behind the statistics, the stories behind the numbers.