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Delta Regional Authority Press Conference

CLARKSDALE, MS – Today, Delta Regional Authority Federal Co-Chairman, Chris Masingill, participated in a press conference for the Delta Council Adult Literacy Program in Greenville, MS. The press conference was held to celebrate eight successful years of the Delta Council Adult Literacy Program changing lives in Northwest Mississippi. Also making remarks were Trina George, Mississippi State Director of USDA Rural Development, Dr. Connie Schimmel, Director of the Delta Council Adult Literacy Program, and Billy Percy, with the Delta Council Executive Committee.

Delta Health Alliance Launches New Website

(Stoneville, MS) – The Delta Health Alliance (DHA) is fulfilling its mission of improving the health of the men, women, and children who make the Mississippi Delta their home by launching a new website that provides users with better access to health information. DHA is excited about the user-friendly redesign. According to the DHA President & C.E.O., Karen C. Fox, “It’s a comprehensive resource for valuable health information to lead a quality life and help reduce the high incidences of chronic disease that plague the Delta.”

FREE Health Fair Saturday, November 20

Delta Health Center is hosting a community health fair event on Saturday, November 20th from 9:00am – 2:00pm at the Mound Bayou site, 702 Martin Luther King Road, Mound Bayou, MS. The theme for the event is, “Planting the Seeds of Preventive Health Care, Harvesting Hope,” and will feature free health screenings, health promotion education materials, family friendly entertainment, a farmers’ market and free food and beverages.

Electronic Health Records Summit Press Release

(Stoneville, MS) – On November 3, the dream of providing better health care in the Mississippi Delta is one step closer to reality as Delta Health Alliance will host the “Telemedicine & EHR Summit – The New Standard in Health Care Today” summit at the Charles W. Capps, Jr. Entrepreneurial Center in Stoneville. Nationally recognized speakers will present information about telemedicine and electronic health records and the impact of improved health care for Mississippians. The summit will serve as the introduction event for the Delta BLUES Beacon project, a project funded through a $14.7 million grant awarded to DHA in April 2010 for the Beacon Community Cooperative Agreement Program through the Office of the National Coordinator. The Delta Health Alliance is one of seventeen agencies nationwide to receive the grant to build upon its work in the area of electronic health records and health information exchange. Aaron McKethan, PhD Program Director of Beacon Community Cooperative Agreement Program, Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT, Department of Health and Human Services will speak on the national vision for Beacon Communities and what it means for Mississippi.

Promise Community Planning Grant

(Stoneville, MS) – The U.S. Department of Education announced on Tuesday that Delta Health Alliance (DHA) was one of 21 organizations from around the country that will receive a “promise community” planning grant. More than 300 organizations submitted applications for the competitive grant. The amount awarded to DHA is $332,630 and will be used to build on the planning and operation of the Promise Community that DHA currently sponsors in Indianola. The goal of a promise community is to operate a cradle-to-career suite of services to improve educational achievement and to ensure the healthy development of all the children in a targeted community.

Delta Health Alliance receives grant to fund diabetes project

Stoneville, MS – The Delta Health Alliance (DHA) has received a federal grant of $631,235 which will fund a new initiative called TEAM (Training, Education, Access and Management) Sugar-Free, which builds upon previous work done in the region. The project provides funding through 2013 for services in twenty-one rural counties of Mississippi. (Attala, Benton, Bolivar, Carroll, Coahoma, Grenada, Holmes, Lafayette, Leflore, Marshall, Montgomery, Quitman, Panola, Sunflower, Tallahatchie, Tate, Tippah, Tunica, Union, Washington, and Yalobusha) “Receiving this grant means the DHA and its partners will be able to increase access to care and expand programs that provide prevention education for diabetes,” according to Karen C. Fox, president and CEO of Delta Health Alliance.

Delta Health Alliance Works to Increase Physician Numbers in the Delta

Stoneville, MS- Medical students are coming to the Delta, thanks to a program funded by the Delta Health Alliance. For the next six months, at least 20 medical students from the University of Mississippi Medical Center will be spending part of their academic semester practicing with doctors throughout the Delta. According to Karen Fox, president and CEO of the Delta Health Alliance, “The goal of this program is not only to temporarily help alleviate the physician shortage in the Delta, but also to encourage medical students to consider locating their practices in the Delta once they graduate.”

University of Mississippi Health Care Implements eICU Program

Mississippi – University of Mississippi Health Care (UMHC) announced today its activation of the Philips VISICU eICU® Program to enhance the quality of critical care across Mississippi. As the first in the region to implement this technology, UMHC is planning to serve as a center of excellence for critical care across Mississippi.

Delta Health Alliance Receives Two New Grants

Stoneville, MS- The Delta Health Alliance recently received two federal grants to expand its programs in the Mississippi Delta. One grant was awarded by the U.S. Department of Human Services for $313,329. The other grant was awarded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture for $186,200. Both grants will be used for the Delta Health Alliance to bring mental health services to medically underserved areas in the Delta.

Cavity Free Kids Comes to MSU

Oral health is something to be concerned about from the day a child is born.  Even before a child’s first teeth appear, harmful bacteria can be introduced to the child’s mouth via caregivers.  If left untreated, bacteria in the mouth can cause plaque, spots on enamel, cavities, pain and infections that can result in emergency
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