The Delta Health Alliance


IPC Summer Camp 2013 RFP

This announcement solicits summer program applications in 2013 for children and adolescents in Indianola, Mississippi. The purpose of the Summer Camps 2013 Funding Opportunity is specifically to establish innovative opportunities that support youth vocabulary and reading comprehension enhancement over the summer months, while school is not in session. The goals of the program are to foster vocabulary development, an appreciation for literature, improve reading comprehension skills, reduce dropout rates, and minimize loss of knowledge over the summer. Children from families of lower socio‐economic status are at greater risk for poor performance in language and literary skills and the summer months tend to widen this gap.

Round III Funding Announcement

The Community Partnership Mini Grants Initiative will be accepting applications for the Round III funding opportunity. The deadline to apply is January 31, 2011. The project period will be March 1, 2011 through June 30, 2011. Proposals in excess of $20,000 will not be accepted. If you have innovative “grassroot” ideas which provide a direct service to the community, we encourage you to apply. The Delta Health Alliance is interested partnering with you to support focused community-based healthcare initiatives that would target critical health and wellness in the Mississippi Delta. Please download and complete the application. For additional information, please contact Bernadette Parks at