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Parents as Teachers in the Mississippi Delta

These are the goals of the Delta Health Alliance PARENTS AS TEACHERS project: Trained staff are working in Leflore and Sunflower (Indianola) counties to identify expectant mothers and new parents to join the program. This initiative is designed to serve families who are expecting all the way through when their children enter kindergarten. Currently, 379 mothers and children are receiving PAT services. Through one-on-one visits in the home and group meetings with Delta Health Alliance staff, these parents become the teachers in their own homes and neighborhoods. The skills they learn enable them to deliver healthier babies and grow healthier children. This program also makes available to families health and developmental screenings for their children and creates networks among parents so they can help each other.

eHR Provider Incentive May 2014

To our valued clients,

DHA is often looking for new a creative ways to expand technology in the MS Delta (and throughout Rural MS). DHA would like to enlist your help in growing and expanding our network within the state. In order to do this, DHA is offering a financial incentive to any provider/clinic who helps bring in new providers to our network. For every provider that you refer that signs a contract with DHA, you will be given a one month credit for services for the number of providers signed up.

For example, if you refer a one provider practice, you will get a credit for one provider for one month. If you refer a five provider practice, you would get a credit for one provider for five months (or five providers for one month).

So, help us deliver the best EHR in the Delta and in the State to your colleagues. Help us continue to grow so that we may continue to provider new and exciting technology at low cost to you and your clinics. We appreciate your commitment to us, and would like to use this opportunity to thank you for helping us continue to grow and succeed.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me!

IPC Newsletter, Spring 2014

In this Issue: Imagination Library, Family Spotlight, Health & Fitness 101, Teen Talk, Community Partners, Upcoming Events

Happy and healthy

Staff from the Leland Medical Clinic recently met at Planters Bank to prepare for their upcoming health fair. Planters Bank and Trust, in partnership with the Leland Medical Clinic, will provide a health screening from noon to 4 p.m. April 15 at the Planters Bank Leland office. Services will include screening for diabetes and handing out information about obesity and disease prevention educational programs. Those in attendance also have access to a free consultation with a dietician. The services are supported in part through funding provided to Delta Health Alliance by the Merck Foundation and the United Healthcare Foundation. Pictured are Sarah Reese Fincher, from left, Sandra Jordan, Ann Williford, Ellen Durst and Lula Reece.

Anti-bullying rally to be held on February 20 at Carver Elementary

(Indianola, MS) – Like the spectrum of colors, the span between courage and cowardice holds many different kinds of people. Fredrick Gooden wants his peers to know that bullies hold the lowest position.

“You have to be a coward to bully someone. You have to have courage to stand up to it,” said Fredrick, president of the Indianola Youth Council. “There’s something really bad going on in a bully’s life to create the kind of anger it takes to do that to another person.”