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Delta Health Alliance Adds Head Start Operations to Current Early Head Start Facilities in Sunflower County

Posted on: August 16, 2019

Delta Health Alliance has received funding to operate the Head Start program in Sunflower County. The five-year grant, provided through the Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, will include five childcare facilities located in Drew, Moorhead,Sunflower, Ruleville and Indianola.

According to Carolyn Willis, Delta Health Alliance Vice President of Health & Education, the Sunflower Head Start Coalition will be a continuation of the efforts previously provided by Save the Children. “We have worked closely with the Save the Children team over the years. When the term of their grant for Head Start in Sunflower County was coming to an end, they decided not to renew it. Because of our good working relationship, and our experience in providing family and childcare services in Sunflower County, Save the Children asked if Delta Health Alliance would apply for the funding to continue the work,” said Willis. “We were happy to do so and very glad to have been awarded the program.”

Since 2014, Delta Health Alliance has operated six Early Head Start Childcare Partnerships serving 6 childcare centers throughout Sunflower County. The existing Early Head Start-CCP program will continue under Delta Health Alliance’s operation and the facilities will be combined with those for Head Start.

Collectively, the five facilities will house up to 556 children serving, 428 Head Start children and  128 Early Head Start children, and wrap around support services for four-year-olds enrolled in fully-day pre-K programs operated by the public school district. 24 expecting mothers  served through DHA’s evidence-based Parents  Partners for a Healthy Baby weekly home visitation program will also be included.

“The programs proposed under this award were all specifically designed to meet the needs of working families, providing full-day, full-year services with free transportation,” said Willis.  “All of the Head Start and Early Head Start classrooms will be full-day and full-year, with only a limited number of holidays to better accommodate working parents. Home visitations will follow the same schedule. Our expectation is to have classroom- and home-based programs available 8 hours per day (8 am – 4 pm), five days a week (M-F), for 48 weeks a year.”

Delta Health Alliance is currently hiring qualified people for several positions including center director, teacher, assistant teacher, bus drivers, maintenance technicians, support staff and more. A job fair was held Saturday, August 17 at the Capps Center in Indianola. Those interested in applying for one or more of the positions can still do so online at Click on the Careers tab.

Parents who wish to enroll their children at one of the facilities can do so by contacting Reshunda Curry @ (662) 686-3973 or Marcia Erving @ (662) 686-3903. Parents can also come out to enrollment events that will take place at each center location.

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