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Delta Health Alliance Launches New Website

Posted on: November 15, 2010

Delta Health Alliance Launches New Website

(Stoneville, MS)  – The Delta Health Alliance (DHA) is fulfilling its mission of improving the health of the men, women, and children who make the Mississippi Delta their home by launching a new website that provides users with better access to health information. DHA is excited about the user-friendly redesign.  According to the DHA President & C.E.O., Karen C. Fox, “It’s a comprehensive resource for valuable health information to lead a quality life and help reduce the high incidences of chronic disease that plague the Delta.”

In addition to the new website (, DHA is using technology to target a far-reaching audience through social networks, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Facebook has over 500 million members, while LinkedIn has over 80 million members. Twitter has over 190 million users tweeting 65 million tweets a day. With these tools, DHA can get health care news and tips to the public easily.

Delta Health Alliance believes in forming partnerships, twenty-six to date, with state and local government agencies, universities and community colleges, hospitals and clinics, schools, grassroots organizations, and faith-based groups to reduce health disparities and to equip Deltans with the tools needed to enjoy everyday life. Through the website, Delta residents can become knowledgeable about health and education issues from information about any of the forty-three DHA projects, community events such as health fairs, and a variety of health information through various resources found on the site. Users can also find tips from dietary information to healthy recipes to fitness – information all vital to move the Mississippi Delta out of first in the nation in obesity rates. The overall objective is to assist users to make educated decisions about their own lifestyles with information found just a click away.

DHA’s home page is the guide to the wealth of information on the site. Success stories about DHA are highlighted on the home page. Additional information is available, like Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)/answers about DHA.  Announcements of upcoming events can be found in “Happening Now” – such as a radio and television advertising campaign to bring public awareness to how informational the new website is.  An interactive calendar provides readers with details of community events around the Delta.  In the “Links and Resources” section of the Home page, information about DHA partners, government sites, and links to additional information is available for reference.

Currently, DHA has forty-three projects targeting gap areas in the health arena in the Delta.  The projects, which are highlighted on the website, focus on healthy living, improving access, telemedicine and electronic health records including the Beacon project, education, and the Indianola Promise Community.  For each project, visitors can view the lead agency and a detailed summary about the project; as well as, any updates.  If viewers want to specifically know which projects are located in their county, then they can click on the “Your DHA” tab to locate projects targeting their community. Local weather information, including state regulated warnings, will be updated regularly.

Another tab, “Healthy Living”, is where readers can find helpful tips on everyday living. This section supplies information for moms from getting good prenatal care to the importance of early childhood education and nutrition.  Other topics of interest are dietary information, fitness, and exercise and the importance the role each plays in reducing chronic disease.  Southern foods are an important part of the Mississippi Delta culture and healthier versions of favorite recipes can also be found in this section.

Media coverage about DHA projects can be found in “Press Room”.  Press releases about DHA projects are available for viewing; as well as, actual news articles from area Delta newspapers.  News stories about DHA projects enable the reader to discover what is happening in other parts of the Delta.  Opportunities for groups to create a program in their community are posted on the site in the “Grant Opportunities” section.

Daily health information will be posted in our social media sites. Information about DHA will be updated regularly reflecting DHA’s efforts to building a healthier lifestyle. Delta Health Alliance is a non-profit agency and is funded through the Delta Health Initiative by the Office of Rural Health Policy, Health Resources & Service Administration, U.S. Department of Health and Human Resources.