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Delta Health Alliance receives $10 K for Indianola Mayor’s Health Council

Posted on: January 15, 2013

(Stoneville, MS) The Mississippi State Department of Health’s Mississippi Delta Health Collaborative recently awarded Delta Health Alliance $10,000 for the development of an Indianola Mayor’s Health Council. Selected communities were awarded funding to continue working with partners to create healthy environments through policy and environmental change which support increased access to physical activity, healthy foods, and reduced exposure to tobacco smoke for the purpose of reducing the prevalence of heart disease and stroke.

The Mayor’s Health Council will continue to build on the work already taking place in Indianola such as the Mississippi Delta Healthy Weight Collaborative (HWC) which is dedicated to creating sustainable strategies to maintain healthy weight and health equity across the community and recognize the important role they play in leading this effort.  By February 28, 2013, the HWC will improve effectiveness as a team to lead this effort and is committed to working together to implement evidence-based and promising interventions to promote healthy weight on behalf of our target population.  The HWC initially targeted efforts to Indianola, Mississippi (Sunflower County) and will then expand to the surrounding counties.

The Indianola Mayor’s Health Council project has been designed to strengthen the capacity of Indianola’s existing health and wellness councils to support the formalization of a specific Mayor’s Health Council building upon the foundation of existing resources, which will allow members to directly focus on the promotion and implementation of new policies and community improvements that will support chronic disease prevention, healthy lifestyles and a culture of wellness across all age groups in Indianola, Mississippi. The Council will meet monthly to review policy and program recommendations for improving the health of Indianola residents.  Guest speakers, public forums, focus groups and other strategies will be employed to ensure resident participation and to foster consensus for developed recommendations.

Deborah Moore, Assistant Vice President of Delta Health Alliance Indianola Promise Community will serve as Coordinator of the Council. Moore states, “According to the Mississippi State Department of Health, the Mississippi Delta has oftentimes been compared to developing countries in terms of health and social conditions, including poverty, education, access to healthcare, and unemployment.    It will take a collaborative effort such as the Mayor’s Health Council to turn these conditions around.”

Mayor Steve Rosenthal will chair the Council. The Mayor says he is excited to bring these resources to Indianola to enhance the farmers market, provide screenings and education and to enact policies to promote healthy lifestyles.

If additional information is needed, please call Moore at 662-390-3530 or Rosenthal at 662-207-0684. For more information about Delta Health Alliance, please visit