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Delta Health Alliance Receives $600,000 Grant To Reduce Hospital Readmissions

Posted on: July 13, 2016

(Stoneville, MS) – Delta Health Alliance announced that it had received a $600,000 three-year grant from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services to work with Delta hospitals to reduce costly readmissions.

Delta Health Alliance is partnering with South Sunflower County Hospital and North Sunflower Medical Center, Sunflower Clinic, Indianola Family Medical Group, and Leland Clinic for the project.

According to Karen Matthews, Delta Health Alliance CEO, “What we have learned is that by investing a modest amount of money in paying for a health coach at a local hospital, we can save five to ten times that investment by helping a patient apply complex medication protocols or understand necessary follow up treatment after a hospital discharge.”

The grant will provide individualized attention for patients going from in-patient hospital care to out-patient clinic care. The goal of the grant is to lower health care costs while ensuring that patients receive more timely and personal care without having to re-enter a hospital.

“Delta residents struggling with chronic disease now have a real person to help them transition from the hospital back home,” said Matthews, “specially trained patient navigators are working with patients to ensure they receive appropriate education and access to support services for family caregivers, which is the key to preventing hospital readmission in the 30 days after hospital discharge.”

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