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Greenwood’s Model Diabetes U Student

Posted on: March 5, 2012

(Stoneville)  – Versie Triplett is determined to manage her diabetes because she has seen some of her immediate family members affected by the disease. Her brother who lives in Kansas City had to have a foot amputated as a result of not managing the condition properly. Triplet knew that in order to fight the condition, she had to go back to school-Diabetes U in particular. This three-month long course held at the Leflore County Health Center is sponsored by the Delta Health Alliance’s Team Sugar Free Project.  Temesa Crawford, nurse educator for the Greenwood class,instructed Triplet on nutrition, physical fitness and glucose A1C or blood sugar monitoring.

“It’s a good program, Triplett said. “I learned that simple walking helps control blood sugar. I thank God for Diabetes U.” During her three months of instruction, Triplett walked approximately three miles a day and noticed not only blood glucose benefits, but also other health improvements. “I lost a few pounds and I noticed that my arthritis got a little better,” she said. “I used the pedometer that Tameesa gave me to help me count my steps while I walk.”

During meal time, Triplett became very conscious of potion sizes thanks to Diabetes U. She said that because of the handouts  and food charts she received in class that she knew how to measure her food and knew which category of food she needed to eat in moderation. “I don’t go back for second helpings and I cook some diabetic foods for my family that they are not even aware that they are eating.”

Triplett, who received her certificate of achievement  as a graduate of the course,  said that she was diagnosed with diabetes 20 years ago and is determined to use lessons learned from Diabetes U to stay ahead of her condition and to make sure her children and grandchildren do not develop the disease.

Classes take place each Wednesdays from 9 a.m. until 12 noon at the Leflore County Health Center, 2600 Browning Road. There is still time to join the latest group of Diabetes U by calling 1-877-850-9312 to reserve a place and to be eligible for prizes. Diabetes U classes are free and open to the public. For more information about Team Sugar Free and Diabetes U, visit the Delta Health Alliance website at