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Leland Medical Clinic and Leland School District form partnership for services

Posted on: December 12, 2016

The Leland Medical Clinic (LMC) and Leland School District are partnering to bring medical and behavioral services to the district. The executed agreement allows Leland Medical the opportunity to expand its community outreach and provide services outside of the clinic and gives Leland School District additional resources for its students and their families for medical and behavioral health issues.

Formalized in October of this year, the LMC and Leland School District’s partnership will help ensure better health outcomes for Leland residents. According to Daniel Thomas, Delta Health Alliance, Assistant Vice President and Clinical Administrator, “This welcomed partnership allows the clinic to provide screenings and health care for students in all grades for behavioral and health issues in a timely manner for the district.” Thomas continues, “We are also able to provide health and nutrition education to the district – students and faculty alike.” Earlier this year, LMC completed a $1.2M renovation to the clinic facility and expanded its services to include behavioral health, x-ray, and telemedicine services.

For Leland School District, the partnership means the opportunity for access to licensed medical staff close by, and at-times on-site, to ensure the student health issues are addressed, ultimately resulting to an optimum learning environment. According to Rev. Jesse King, Leland School District Superintendent, “The partnership is a fabulous opportunity for students and parents of the Leland school district having multiple measures through clinical assessments. Using assessments currently in the district and through the partnership for planning student achievement for each student will yield phenomenon results.”

Leland Medical Clinic opened its doors three years ago and is supported by Delta Health Alliance. This agreement reinforces Delta Health Alliance’s mission to provide quality healthcare services for Delta residents. To learn more about Leland Medical Clinic, go to or Leland Medical Clinic on Facebook or call the clinic at 662.686.4121.

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