The Delta Health Alliance

Promise Community Planning Grant

Posted on: September 22, 2010

Delta Health Alliance Receives $332,630 Federal Grant

(Stoneville, MS) –  The U.S. Department of Education announced on Tuesday that Delta Health Alliance (DHA) was one of 21 organizations from around the country that will receive a “promise community” planning grant.  More than 300 organizations submitted applications for the competitive grant.  The amount awarded to DHA is $332,630 and will be used to build on the planning and operation of the Promise Community that DHA currently sponsors in Indianola.  The goal of a promise community is to operate a cradle-to-career suite of services to improve educational achievement and to ensure the healthy development of all the children in a targeted community.

According to Karen Fox, Delta Health Alliance CEO, “More than anything, this grant award recognizes the great work the people of Indianola have done over the last year, as we have all moved to create the Indianola Promise Community.  When people work together toward a common goal, others will recognize it and applaud it.  That is what the U.S. Department of Education did today.”

As part of the grant, the Delta Health Alliance’s Indianola Promise Community will plan and partner with a variety of local and state organizations to operate programs to improve the health, safety, and stability of neighborhoods and promote family engagement in student learning.  The promise community, modeled after the Harlem Children’s Zone, is uniting health care, education, community and faith-based services to provide people in Indianola the opportunity to realize their promise as active members and leaders within their community.

Steve Rosenthal, Indianola’s Mayor remarked, “We are thrilled for this recognition, but more important, are thrilled with the opportunity it gives out city.  Our people welcome this challenge.”

During the summer, the Indianola Promise Community conducted summer camps that served over 600 youth, ranging in ages 3 to 18.  Each camp had a different purpose and students participated in activities from character development and exercise to performing arts to certified childcare and nursing.  Also, during the summer, the Southgate community’s Bethune Recreation Center was transformed in six hours as over 350 volunteers from the community, including city leaders and corporate partners, built a complete playground, designed and facilitated by KaBOOM!

The Delta Health Alliance is a non-profit organization that supports community-based healthcare initiatives that target critical health and wellness issues in the Mississippi Delta.  The Indianola Promise Community is funded through the Delta Health Initiative by the Office of Rural Health Policy, Health Resources & Services Administration, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.