The Delta Health Alliance

Improving Health Care

Delta Health Alliance has been a leader in supporting and operating community based clinics that serve as a medical home for patients; implementing new technologies such as electronic health records, health information exchange networks, and tele-health diagnosis and treatment centers; managing innovative education programs in community settings; and creating robust home visitation programs that address neo-natal and early childhood education challenges.

Accountable Health Community

  Thanks to a new grant from the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, DHA has created the Delta Accountable Health Community to improve access to a broad range of health care services while lowering the cost for individuals in Bolivar, Coahoma, Holmes, Humphreys, Leflore, Sunflower and Washington Counties. The goal is to reduce avoidable health care utilization,
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Deer Creek Behavioral Health Network

Delta Health Alliance has received a three-year, $900,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, Health Resources & Services Administration, to significantly expand the mental health and behavioral health services it provides to patients in Sunflower and Washington Counties. According to Dr. Karen Matthews, Delta Health Alliance CEO, “Untreated mental health problems
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Delta Care Transitions

The Delta Care Transitions program is a community-based project designed to improve health outcomes for at-risk, rural patients who transition from in-patient to out-patient settings. The goal is to reduce hospital readmissions, and thus cost, for patients with chronic illnesses who have a history of multiple hospitalizations. Developed in partnership with South Sunflower County Hospital, Indianola Family Medical Group, and
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Delta Heart Health Network

The Delta Heart Health Network has been developed to specifically address cardiovascular disease and its impact on obesity in 21 counties throughout the Delta and in north and north central Mississippi. The project uses Electronic Health Records to identify patients who may be particularly at-risk for cardiovascular disease and analyzes gaps in their care. The initiative is a collaboration between Aaron
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Delta STAR

Delta Health Alliance has received $600,000 in funding over three years to provide new services and programs for people who live in rural communities and who are struggling with alcohol and substance abuse addiction. The grant was awarded by the U.S. Health Services & Resource Administration, Office of Rural Health Policy. The new program will
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Leland Medical Clinic

Visit the Leland Medical Clinic website here. Owned and operated by Delta Health Alliance since 2013, the Leland Medical Clinic provides clinical, allied health, and behavioral health services to individuals and families throughout Bolivar, Sharkey, Sunflower, and Washington Counties. For the last twelve months, the clinic has recorded more than 6,100 patient visits. As a result, a larger number
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Leland Medical Therapy

Click here to view our Leland Medical Therapy brochure. One of the fastest growing initiatives of Delta Health Alliance over the last year has been Leland Medical Therapy Services. In July of last year, clinic staff saw less than 30 patients. Twelve months later, that number had increased to 545. The professional staff now includes a psychiatric nurse practitioner,
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Teen Pregnancy Prevention / Delta Futures

The Delta Futures project is a comprehensive, three year program designed to work with 11 public school districts, five private school districts, five local Rural Health Clinics, and over 30 community and faith organizations to prevent teen pregnancy and lower sexually transmitted diseases. During the first full project year, July 2016 to June 2017, program staff reached 3,182 participants across 12 Delta
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