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Leland Medical Therapy

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One of the fastest growing initiatives of Delta Health Alliance over the last year has been Leland Medical Therapy Services. In July of last year, clinic staff saw less than 30 patients. Twelve months later, that number had increased to 545. The professional staff now includes a psychiatric nurse practitioner, licensed clinical social workers, licensed professional counselors, and nurses.

This explosive growth is attributable to a huge demand for these kinds of services that, until now, had never been available to many Delta residents. Not only do untreated mental health problems complicate a patient’s ability to participate effectively in treatment plans, but they often go undiagnosed in patients with chronic conditions. For example, rates of depression across the lifespan of individuals with diabetes are twice the rate found in the general population.

Leland Medical Therapy Services reaches individuals and families in the following ways:

On-Site Services

• On-site services at the Leland Medical Clinic include child, adolescent, family and marriage counseling, medication management, EPSDT screening, developmental, behavioral and Autism screens and assessments, as well as occupational, physical and speech therapy.

School-Based Services

• School-based services that are currently being provided to eight school districts, including Sunflower Consolidated, Greenville Municipal, Western Line Consolidated, Hollandale Municipal, North Bolivar, West Bolivar, Coahoma County, and Leland Municipal.

• Services include developmental, behavioral and psychological screening and evaluation, occupational, physical, speech and behavioral therapies.

Early Childhood Screening and Services

• Early childhood screening and services is part of the Mississippi Department of Health First Steps program. Working through Head Start and other early childhood providers, Delta Health Alliance staff conduct comprehensive evaluations of children from birth to three years of age to identify any developmental or behavioral health issues.

• With the consent of the parents, trained professionals can provide speech, physical, occupational, or behavioral therapy services to the children, in their homes, at no cost to the families.

• Currently, DHA is on contract with the First Steps Program to service the following counties: Washington, Sunflower, Humphries, Leflore, Carroll, Bolivar, Coahoma, Tallahatchie, Quitman, Grenada, Yalobusha, Panola, and Montgomery.

Latest News: DHA was notified by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that it had received a three year, $900,000 grant to significantly expand the mental health and behavioral health services it provides to patients in Sunflower and Washington Counties.


The grant will cover additional counselors and will fund highspeed video connections between the Leland Medical Clinic, Parkwood Behavioral Health Center and Desoto Family Counseling Center so that patients in the Delta will have access to a variety of other specialists through video conferencing sessions.