The Delta Health Alliance

Delta Home Visiting

This is DHA’s comprehensive initiative to directly address our region’s high rates of infant mortality and poor maternal and infant outcomes. We have received funding for this initiative from several sources to provide coverage in Holmes, Humphries, Leflore, and Sunflower counties. The project now reaches more than 700 families. Over the last year, participating women in the program have fewer low birth-weight babies and fewer premature births than the population as a whole and almost 90% of children in participating families in Indianola are meeting age-appropriate development benchmarks, a figure higher than the national average.

The Delta Home Visiting initiative utilizes an evidence-based early childhood home visitation curriculum that builds strong communities, reinforces families and facilitates the development of children who are healthy, safe, and ready to learn. DHA’s certified parent educator staff members work one-on-one with high-risk expectant mothers and parents of children ages zero to five to emphasize parent-child interaction, development-centered parenting, and family well-being. There are four interrelated components of the model, including personal home visits, group connections, screening, and easy access to a comprehensive resource network.

This DHA program also provides participants with access to other complimentary programs and services for pregnant women and for young adults who may soon start a family.

Parent educators, recruited from the communities they serve, receive extensive training and learn to work with and develop a relationship with parents to provide infants and young children with the stability and enriched environment they need to thrive. One key to the program’s success is that the parent educators are from the same community as the families with whom they are working.