The Delta Health Alliance

Delta STAR

Delta Health Alliance has received $600,000 in funding over three years to provide new services and programs for people who live in rural communities and who are struggling with alcohol and substance abuse addiction. The grant was awarded by the U.S. Health Services & Resource Administration, Office of Rural Health Policy.

The new program will provide community-based services to help treat and manage alcohol addiction and substance abuse.   While most of the participants are expected to come as referrals from the Sunflower County and Washington County court systems, a person may enter treatment from a clinical partner, recovery support service, or self-referral.

According to Dr. Karen Matthews, Delta Health Alliance CEO, “This new grant fills an unmet gap in services for individuals and families in the Delta struggling with addiction. It will also provide judges and law enforcement officials an effective and cost-efficient alternative to prison sentences.”

Trained program staff will devise customized plans for each participant, which may include education on addiction treatment, access to support services, transportation, tracking progress and follow-up with individual treatment plans. In addition, support for families includes family therapy sessions in-person or via video conferencing.

For more information about the grant, call 662-686-7004. To find out more about Delta Health Alliance’s projects, please go to or follow DHA on Facebook.