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Girl Scouts in the Delta

Hiking, gardening, community service… and cookies. Don’t forget the cookies. “Those things make me want to be a girl scout,” said Tiana Minton, a 10-year-old Carver Elementary School student. “I really like it that the Girl Scouts do things to help our community. The things I learn, I can use the rest of my life.”

Through the Roosevelt Neighborhood Association in Indianola, along with the support of the Indianola Promise Community, girls such as Tiana are finding new avenues to learning and fun by way of a rejuvenated Girl Scout program, which had been in decline here in recent years. “Girl Scouts just wasn’t as active as it should be,” said Marilyn James, the promise community’s parent liaison. “We wanted to build it back up and we’re doing it through the Roosevelt Neighborhood Association because we already have an active base of women who can assist with the program.”

Celebrating more than 100 years of service, Girl Scouts has 1.8 million members nationwide and 800,000 adult members working primarily as volunteers. Through Scouts, girls discover the fun, friendship and power of girls working and having fun together. Through a variety of fulfilling experiences, such as field trips, skill-building sports clinics and community service projects, girls receive the tools they need to grow into successful young women and adults.

“Girl Scouts offers so many great things, from science and math programs to entrepreneurship,” said James. “Not to mention the leadership skills they learn and the ways to be proactive in their community and give back through service projects.”

So far, the Indianola Girl Scout program has recruited about 50 girls from Lockard and Carver elementary schools and Merritt Middle School, said James. “We’re going to jump off this summer to get the girls oriented with the program,” she said. “We’ll have a big kick-off when school starts back to set goals and get aligned with the existing Girl Scout program locally and nationally.” Tiana is excited about the possibilities that Girl Scouts offers to her and her friends. She said she’s looking forward to participating in service projects such as Indianola’s community garden, growing vegetables and fruit that she can then help distribute to her neighbors. She said she’s also excited about the reading and art components that Girl Scouts offers.

“I can’t wait. I have friends and cousins who are going to be in it with me, so it’s going to be really fun. I want to hike and see new places and earn badges. And I want to sell cookies. That’s the best part.” — Tiana Minton, 10 year-old, Carver Elementary School Student