The Delta Health Alliance

How DCPC Works

The Deer Creek Promise Community works by providing:

— In-home visitation programs by trained staff to help improve prenatal care, and the health and development of children.

— Books provided free ona monthly basis to children and their parents, for ages birth to five.

— College and career courses, including ACT prep, tutoring, and hands-on training for specific workforce skills.

— Special classes geared toward helping students excel academically.

— Parenting and familysupport initiatives toprevent and treat behavioral and emotional problems in children and teenagers. Special outreach initiatives, designed for different age groups, focused on reducing alcohol, tobacco, and drug abuse.

— Summer enrichment camps to prevent “summer learning loss” and special preparatory programs for children entering kindergarten and Head Start.

— Outreach courses directed at teenagers to reduce pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

— Programs that encourage parents to become more involved in the schools.

— Trained literacy coaches to help students pass the 3rd Grade reading gate test.

— Classes for childrenages 3-8 who have communication deficiencies in speech and vocabulary as they prepare for kinder-garten and first grade.