The Delta Health Alliance

Imagination Library

Imgaination Library, the program for children ages 0 to 5 that delivers a free, age appropriate book each month to a child’s home, is a vital part of Delta Health Allianc e’s efforts for children to enter kindergarten ready to learn.

To evaluate the effectiveness of the program, new kindergarten students at the elementary school in Indianola took a school readiness assessment. The results of the assessment give teachers and school officials information about the prereading and pre-math skills of each student, which they use to help design the kindergarten curriculum.

Meanwhile, as part of the kindergarten registration process, parents of these students completed a kindergarten entry survey that determined whether or not they participated in the Imagination Library program. With the kindergarten readiness scores from the assessment, we were able to compare the readiness scores of the group of children who received Imagination Library books with the group of children who did not participate in the Imagination Library program.

Evaluation of the program’s effectiveness show that students enrolled in the IL program as twice as likely to be kindergarten ready and two and a half times as likely to be kindergarten ready in math.

In addition to children receiving books in their home, the Imagination Library staff works with local daycares and Head Starts by reading weekly in the classroom and providing literay resouces to those teachers. DHA’s Early Learning program provides parents at-home activities that coordinate with the monthly book.

A child who participated in the Imagination Library intervention was twice as likely to be kindergarten ready in reading as a child who did not receive the IL program. Participating kids were two and a half times as likely to be kindergarten ready in pre-math.