The Delta Health Alliance

MS Delta Medicaid Demonstration Project

Delta Health Alliance has partnered with the Mississippi Medicaid Division and the Cerner Corporation to create a pilot project that will transform rural clinics in the Delta into medical homes, similar to the patient-centered medical home model at DHA’s clinic in Leland.

Eligible patients will be able to access care locally through one of these clinics as their permanent medical home, providing access to a wide range of preventative, general, and specialty care services. The clinics will operate through a team-approach to care, driven by the patient’s needs and preferences, to better manage chronic care conditions and to prevent avoidable hospitalizations. These certified clinics are also serving as training locations and healthclinic incubation centers, to assist other providers in transitioning to the Patient Centered Medical Home Model to improve patient outcomes and care coordination, while decreasing overall costs of care.

Participants receive practical experience, tool kits, sample forms, and starter materials for replication of the model in their own clinic settings. Clinicians learn how to foster and develop a local network of health partners to facilitate neighborhood support, including implementing community gardens, encouraging municipal support of exercise programs and recreational facilities, and working with faith-based partners.

For each patient who does not progress to diabetes, the state Medicaid program saves $7,900 annually and a patient’s long-term health is greatly enhanced.

The Medicaid Demonstration Project identifies patients at risk of developing diabetes and helps them make lifestyle changes to prevent them from progressing to diabetes. These patients are Medicaid beneficiaries, so this saves money for Medicaid and MS taxpayers, and helps patients avoid illness.