The Delta Health Alliance

Monsanto Nutrition Grant

Delta Health Alliance and Monsanto Corporation are partners in a special project to improve the health of Delta residents in Bolivar and Washington counties. Monsanto has provided Delta Health Alliance with a $500,000 grant to carry out a comprehensive program of more physical education for children, greater access to farmers markets, community gardens and nutritional food, and an expansion of the popular Imagination Library program. A major component of the project involves five elementary and middle schools in Greenville and Cleveland. The students in these schools will participate in the CATCH (Coordinated Approach to Child Health) Kids Club, which promotes physical activities and nutrition education in an after school setting. In addition, Delta Health Alliance will work with school officials to increase the amount of physical activity students engage in during the day. Students will also receive nutrition education, including selecting healthy food choices, reading nutrition labels, and goal. The Monsanto grant will also fund an expansion of the Delta Health Alliance Imagination Library program into Washington and Bolivar County. This program provides each child age birth to age five with a free book each month. Staff will work with area child care centers to improve reading comprehension skills by developing reading circles and providing nutritious snacks based on reading books in the Imagination Library program.