The Delta Health Alliance

USDA Healthy Sprouts

This is a specialized outreach program funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in Washington County to work with pregnant women to increase their knowledge of child development and parenting best practices.  In addition, this program’s curriculum includes culturally tailored nutrition and physical activity components specifically designed for women who are pregnant.  The project uses what we have learned how gestational weight gain, poor nutrition, and low physical activity levels can complicate a woman’s pregnancy and put her and her child at risk for poor delivery and birth outcomes.  Another goal of the project is to show how learned behaviors passed from mother to child can serve as a basis for the development of lifelong health behaviors.  The interventions of the Healthy Sprouts program are designed to optimize gestational weight gain and promote maternal postnatal and early childhood weight management in addition to emphasizing the latest approaches to child development and parenting practices.