Delta EATS: Hollandale & Leland School Districts Farm-to-School RFPs

Delta EATS has partnered with Leland and Hollandale School Districts to help secure long-term Farm to School procurement with Mississippi farmers who can harvest for a school district size and deliver produce starting Fall 2021-Spring 2022. If that sounds like you, apply today. 

Even if a farmer cannot fully cater to a full district size, school districts may still bid for farms to supply 1 specific produce/veggie in smaller quantity to fulfill menu entrees (such as lettuce for burgers or blueberries for a mixed fruit cup). There are opportunities for short term contracts (eg. Fall 2021, from August to December with order flexibility of once a month or bi-weekly orders).

If farmers wish to apply to both districts to strengthen their opportunity to be selected by either (or both) schools, they are free to do so but applicants must be submitted separately to both districts. 

Contact Delta EATS Farm to School Coordinator, Ashley Watts if you have any questions or need assistance completing RFP at 662-390-3301 or

Click the links below to download RFP files: