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Health Information Technology

Electronic Health Records started the revolution, access to health information networks sustained it, and now smart phones, tablets and powerful software are transforming the day-to-day practice of medicine. Delta Health Alliance can not only help providers, clinics, and hospitals take advantage of all these systems have to offer, but keep you current and in front of the changes that take place on a daily basis.

Since Delta Health Alliance began to install Electronic Health Records (EHR) in the Delta in 2009, our EHR initiative has grown into a state-of-the-art system that connects more than 74 health care providers in 32 locations with 178,000 patients into a seamless electronic recordkeeping and reporting organization that is at work 24/7.

Maintained and operated throughout the Delta by DHA, the system allows patients to contact clinics anytime day or night, put in prescription refill requests, and check on appointments, while letting physicians and nurses have instantaneous access to patient records from any connected health care provider, file prescriptions online, and consolidate all billing and practice management into one comprehensive suite of programs.

The system has been integrated at rural health clinics, private practices, hospital based clinics and other health related businesses. Once a patient is entered into the system and their records are uploaded, they can get treatment at facilities that have authorized access to our secure EHR network. The system has better documentation than a paper system, fewer medical errors, and allows for a much easier flow of communication between health care workers and facilities. Having one system with multi-functions means fewer technical problems in situations where a clinic is trying to get different systems to work together.

Moreover, because our EHR system is connected to the Mississippi Health Information Network, we are able to securely exchange pertinent patient data and referrals from other doctors, clinics and hospitals around the state that are also part of the network. Participating health care providers can exchange patient data from their EHR main screen easily and quickly. For example, if one of our patients in Indianola had to be transferred to a participating hospital in Jackson, the health care team there could instantaneously view the patient’s medical history through our EHR system. In addition, through the patient portal feature of our website, our patients have the ability to view, download and transmit their entire patient record to the provider of their choice.

Our EHR system is supported locally; anyone who calls in with a technical problem doesn’t get an overseas operator but a local person with the specific knowledge to help. DHA offers custom installation of turnkey and customized hardware and software programs (including ePrescribing), comprehensive training, the latest in security features, long-term service contracts, and a full-time HELP Desk.

HIT Commitment

We guarantee that our systems will stay certified, current, and compliant with all state and federal regulations. We engage in ongoing negotiations with vendors to obtain best pricing and services at the best possible prices. We offer local support staff available 24/7, either remotely or onsite. Our systems provide secure access from anywhere you might
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HIT Difference

When it comes to Health Information Technology, everyone has a product to sell, but no one wants to commit to custom installations, comprehensive training, long term maintenance and compliance, and 24/7 customer service. For the last eight years, the Delta Health Alliance HIT team has been doing just that. Our state-of-the-art interface connects more than
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HIT Menu

The HIT Menu is as follows: • Electronic Health Records • Patient Portal • Practice Management • Financial Accounting & Reporting • Performance Improvement Dashboards • Care Coordination • Chronic Care Management

HIT Services

The details for the HIT Services are as follows: Electronic Health Records • MU2 Compliant & 2015 Certified • Standardized around universal code sets • Integrated ePrescribing • Controlled Substance ePrescribing • Integrated IMO – search from problems using basic language • Medical necessity checking – LMRP • Clinical dashboard allows viewing patient status in
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