DHA Team

Our Staff

We at Delta Health Alliance are a large family dedicated to providing better access and increased awareness about health and education to the people in the Mississippi Delta. Our employees, partners, and volunteers understand that we are here to change lives. The family of DHA has banded together in order to face the long-standing health and education challenges of the Delta. Below you will meet the people who are working hard to help make a healthier Delta for everyone.

Executive Team

Karen Matthews

Karen Matthews

Chief Executive Officer & President

Headshot of Marlin

Marlin Womack

VP, Finance & Administration, General Counsel

Carolyn Willis

Carolyn Willis

VP, Educational Programs

Brooks Ann

Brooks Ann Gaston

VP, Health Programs

Sheldon Morris, Senior Advisor for Leader Development and Personnel, Delta Health Alliance

Sheldon Morris

Senior Advisor

DHA Administration

Monica May

Director, Education

Becky Dean

Director, Disability Services

Leigh Anne Gant

Associate Vice President, Early Years Education Programs

Terra Cousins

Director, Mental and Behavioral Grants

Melanie Williams

Associate Vice President, Home Visiting Initiatives

Lee Whittington

Director of Clinical Grants, Delta Heart Health

Roshunda Sample

Director, Compliance

Allison Poindexter

Associate Vice President, School Years Educational Programs

Nikki Payne

Associate Vice President, Community Education Programs

Hilary Meier

Associate Vice President of Clinical Affairs

Marcia Erving

Director, Outreach

Randy Knoll

Associate Vice President, South MS Health Programs

Michie Cotton

Associate Vice President, Health Programs

Rhonda Lewis

Director of Education, School Programs

Katelyn Ables

Director of Education, School Programs

Melanie Hebert

Director, HIT

Charles DeGaffenreaid

Executive Assistant

Aparna Nandula

Associate Vice President, HIT and Strategic Data

Josh Morgan


Elizabeth McCullers

Associate Vice President, Sponsored Programs

Davis Hayes

Director, IT

Rickey Lawson

Interim Director, Communications

Sydney Dean

Associate Vice President, Finance and Administration

Sam Dawkins

Director, Special Projects