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Increasing Health Information Technology

Electronic Health Records (EHR) started the revolution, access to health information networks sustained it, and now smart phones, tablets and powerful software are transforming the day-to-day practice of medicine.

Since Delta Health Alliance began to install Electronic Health Records in the Delta in 2009, our EHR initiative has grown into a state-of-the-art system that connects more than 122 health care providers in 58 clinical delivery locations with more than 454,000 patients across the state (279,000 in the Delta) into a seamless electronic recordkeeping and reporting organization that is at work 24/7.

Maintained and operated by DHA, the system allows patients to contact clinics anytime day or night, put in prescription refill requests, and check on appointments, while letting physicians and nurses have instantaneous access to patient records from any connected health care provider. The system also allows for filing prescriptions online, and consolidating of all billing and practice management into one comprehensive suite of programs. The system has been integrated at rural health clinics, private practices, hospital based clinics and other health related businesses.

Once patients are entered into the system and their records are uploaded, they can obtain treatment at facilities that have authorized access to our secure EHR network.

For example, if one of our patients in Indianola had to be transferred to a participating hospital in Jackson, the health care team there could instantaneously view the patient’s medical history through our EHR system. In addition, through the patient portal feature of our website, our patients have the ability to view, download and transmit their entire patient record to the provider of their choice.

The DHA system is supported locally; anyone who calls in with a technical problem doesn’t get an overseas operator but a local person with the specific knowledge to help. DHA offers custom installation of turnkey and customized hardware and software programs, comprehensive training, the latest in security features, long-term service contracts, and a full-time HELP Desk.

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