Who We Are

Delta Health Alliance is a non-profit, tax exempt organization that is changing health care and education in the Mississippi Delta by improving access to health services, promoting healthier lifestyles, and expanding educational opportunities.

Two principles guide our work in the Delta:

Using data to make decisions & building community partners to manage our programs.

We are at the forefront of combating poor health and educational opportunities in the Mississippi Delta. Our programs are built on the latest medical, public health, and education research and regularly assessed using relevant data and outcomes to ensure we provide quality resources for our community. We work through community organizations, recognizing that long-lasting change occurs only when it is nurtured and supported by the members of these communities.

Our headquarters in Stoneville, Mississippi often serves as a center for community based col-laborative programs and educational initiatives for partnering agencies and residents of the Delta. Additionally, we have offices throughout the Delta and Mississippi in Clarksdale, Cleveland, Indianola, Marks, Oxford, and Ridgeland.

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Our Mission & Purpose

Improving the health and education of those who make the Mississippi Delta their home.

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Our Board

Our board members are a vital part of our success!

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