The Delta Health Alliance

Press Releases

University of Mississippi Health Care Implements eICU Program

Mississippi – University of Mississippi Health Care (UMHC) announced today its activation of the Philips VISICU eICU® Program to enhance the quality of critical care across Mississippi. As the first in the region to implement this technology, UMHC is planning to serve as a center of excellence for critical care across Mississippi.

Delta Health Alliance Receives Two New Grants

Stoneville, MS- The Delta Health Alliance recently received two federal grants to expand its programs in the Mississippi Delta. One grant was awarded by the U.S. Department of Human Services for $313,329. The other grant was awarded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture for $186,200. Both grants will be used for the Delta Health Alliance to bring mental health services to medically underserved areas in the Delta.

Cavity Free Kids Comes to MSU

Oral health is something to be concerned about from the day a child is born.  Even before a child’s first teeth appear, harmful bacteria can be introduced to the child’s mouth via caregivers.  If left untreated, bacteria in the mouth can cause plaque, spots on enamel, cavities, pain and infections that can result in emergency
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