Week of the Young Child: Artsy Thursday (April 16)

Today in the Week of the Young Child is Artsy Thursday! Children who have more access to books build a foundation for strong literacy skills later in life. Today we’re sharing a video that allows you and your child to add more books to your home by making your own!


Remember, art doesn’t have to be hard and meaningful art does not need to take a lot of time to prepare. Here are a few tips on how to keep creativity going at home.
1. Eliminate the pressures that make art projects difficult
Use items that you already have around the house like paper towel rolls or cotton balls to eliminate the need to go to the store and purchase special supplies. Keep staple items on-hand that can be used for a variety of art projects such as paper, paint, tape, crayons and glue.
2. Let children take the creative lead
You can promote creativity, thinking, planning and other important skills when you let your child take the lead on art projects.
3. Allow children to use their hands to create their project
Art projects also offer many ways for children to build their small muscles and improve their fine motor development. When your child uses scissors, squeeze a glue bottle or mold clay they strengthen the muscles needed to master using a pencil at school later.
5. Praise their efforts, not the product itself
Praising children for their effort, not the quality of the final product, supports the future mindsets that underlie success in academics, sports, and arts. Art projects offer a perfect platform for encouraging and reinforcing effort rather than focusing on outcome.

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