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Delta Health Alliance Receives Grant to Improve Care of Hospitalized Patients

Posted on: November 9, 2012

(Stoneville) – Delta Health Alliance announced today that it had received $26,234 in grant funding from the Cardinal Health Foundation to improve the care of patients with chronic diseases who have been treated and released from the South Sunflower Hospital in Indianola.

According to Karen Matthews, Delta Health Alliance CEO, “The goal of the grant is to reduce the rate at which these patients with chronic diseases have to return to the hospital.  If we can help these patients monitor their medications, control their diets, and coordinate visits to their local clinics, then the chance of hospital readmissions will be lowered.  This will improve health care and reduce health care costs since hospital treatment is the most expensive treatment.

Specifically, Delta Health Alliance will use the funding to hire a fulltime health coach to work with patients as they leave the care of the hospital.  The illnesses targeted by this Cardinal Health Foundation grant include diabetes, heart and lung diseases, and pneumonia which tend to generate higher rates of hospital readmissions.

“This is a service we have always wanted to provide,” said H. J. Blessitt, South Sunflower County Hospital’s Administrator, “and thanks to Delta Health Alliance and the Cardinal Health Foundation we can provide more hands-on attention to our patients when they are discharged from our hospital.”

“We’re pleased to support health care providers that are working to implement best practices and improve the effectiveness, excellence and efficiency of patient care,” said Shelley Bird, executive vice president of public affairs for Cardinal Health.

In 2012, the Cardinal Health Grant Program awarded more than $1 million in grant funding to help over 40 health care providers in 25 states improve the excellence, effectiveness and efficiency of health care they provide to patients.  The grant to Delta Health Alliance was the only one awarded to a Mississippi organization.


About the Cardinal Health Foundation

The Cardinal Health Foundation supports local, national and international programs that improve health care quality and build healthy communities. The Ohio-based foundation also offers grants to encourage employee service to the community and works through international agencies to donate much-needed medical supplies and funding to those who need them in times of disaster.


About Delta Health Alliance

Delta Health Alliance is a non-profit organization headquartered in Stoneville, Mississippi, that aims to improve the health of the 400,000 men, women, and children who call the Mississippi Delta their home.  Find out more about DHA by visiting