The Delta Health Alliance

Deer Creek Promise Community


Similar to the Promise Community in Indianola, the Deer Creek Promise Community focuses on the students who attend the Hollandale School District and the Leland School District in Washington County.

As with IPC, the project is being funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Education. This grant, and the one that funds the work in Indianola, are two of only three grants awarded to rural areas in the country.

The goal of the Deer Creek Promise Community is to ensure that all children served by the Hollandale and Leland school districts are ready for Kindergarten, that students get help quickly, that young people graduate, and transition to post-secondary education. The Deer Creek Promise Community initiative consists of 30 programs that work together to expand the health careand educational opportunities for children and their families in Arcola, Hollandale, Leland and the surrounding un-incorporated areas.

The Deer Creek Promise Community “pipeline” of programs unites health care, education, government, community, and faith-based organizations to provide families within the DCPC service area with academic, family, and community resources focusing on Early Childhood, School K-12 grades, College & Career, and Community & Health.

This initiative offers a collective approach, with our partner agencies complementing each other and working together in a coordinated fashion. Each program is rigorously assessed against objective criteria in order to ensure its success. The partners have committed to work with all segments of our population; to communicate regularly and share data; and to support comprehensive solutions that can drive sustainable improvements in the Deer Creek community of Washington County.

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