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Leland Medical Clinic


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Originally the Leland City Hospital, the facility has been a fixture for patient care since its opening in June 1957. Since 2013, Delta Health Alliance has owned and fully operated Leland Medical Clinic providing a medical home for Delta residents.

The clinic is not only a qualified rural health clinic; it is now recognized as a certified Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) by the National Committee for Quality Assurance. This national rating organization has been dedicated to helping improve health care quality since 1990. The rating is recognition of how the clinic treats patients. The PCMH approach means that the entire LMC staff, as well as the patient, work together as a team by focusing on all aspects of the patient’s health using enhanced technology and chronic disease management. We use the Allscripts suite of Electronic Health Record products to facilitate delivery of care by allowing our providers to spend more time examining the patient and less time on record keeping. The LMC staff can connect electronically to pharmacies and area hospitals and patients have real time access to their medical records via our online portal.

The clinic uses technology to monitor patients with the electronic patient portal entitled “Follow My Health” where patients can communicate with the clinic through a computer or portable device using secure email. Patients can go online and request prescription refills and other services through our high-speed, secure data connection. Over 50 percent of the clinic’s patients have been using the portal and it gives patients 24/7 access to clinic information, scheduling and other important services.

62_pcmhThe clinic employs a nurse practitioner, part-time physician, part-time psychiatric nurse practitioner, dietician, two nurses, and two front office staff on a daily basis. The clinic has completed a $1.2 million dollar renovation and update (visit Leland Medical Clinic press releases for more details).

The clinic serves more than 2,700 patients, a quarter of whom have no insurance. Twelve percent have been diagnosed with diabetes while more than 21 percent receive care for high-blood pressure. Services provided by the clinic include management of acute and chronic illnesses, wellness exams and checkups, immunizations, pediatric care, work-injury treatment, drug testing, pre-employment and school physicals, and nutritional services.

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662.686.4121 | 201 Baker Boulevard | Leland, MS 38756