Promise Communities

Building Promise Communities

The Deer Creek Promise Community (DCPC) and Indianola Promise Community (IPC) is a cradle-to-career initiative consisting of 30 programs serving the Arcola, Hollandale, Leland, Indianola, and surrounding unincorporated areas, with a specific focus on students in the Hollandale, Leland, and Indianola School Districts. Programs in the DCPC and IPC cover everything from prenatal care to high school graduation and on to post-secondary education, creating pathways for students to launch careers.

Services in the DCPC and IPC include but are not limited to:

In-Home Visitations

Trained staff provide visitations to help improve prenatal care and the health and development of children.

Free Books

A free books provided monthly for children and their parents ages birth to five-years-old.

College and Career Courses

Programs dedicated to providing college and career preparedness courses.

Literacy Programs

Special classes geared toward helping students achieve higher literacy.

Behavioral Support

Parenting and family support initiatives to prevent and treat behavioral and emotional problems in children and teenagers.

Summer Camps

Summer Camps seek to provide innovative opportunities that support youth vocabulary and reading enhancement during the summer while school is not in session.

Promise Community Programs: